Take a peek at the art in the gallery to get an idea of my art style. My preference is to create characters and creatures in line art and simple colors, but I am willing to collaborate with individuals to make something more unique. My goal is to have products finished within a week's time. That will include all correspondences and progress reports. Prices are:


Line Art:

Portrait- 15$

Full Character/Creature- 30$



Background- +10$

Colored- +20$

Other Art:


Contact me and let's discuss your idea! 

* * *KEEP IN MIND* * *

BOOKING: Once we confirm a price, 10$ (non refundable) must be paid up front to book my services. This is to secure my time with my client. Why this expense? Maybe plans will change or an unexpected expense came up and no longer can they pay for the completion of their commission. Perhaps I am not meeting their needs and with that opt to go with a different artist. It is a piece of security so that the initial time invested doesn't go without compensation.


GALLERY & QUICK DRAWS: All commissions will be posted on my social platforms and in my gallery for others to see and purchase. If you would like full rights to your art, there'll be an Ownership Fee of 20$.


TIPPING: My prices are intended to be affordable. With that, I would encourage that if you love your commission to leave a tip. This tip doesn't even need to be monetary. You can tip by writing a review, sharing your commission, this website, my Facebook page, or subscribing to my Patreon (Join the Party!)