Merij in the Sky


Koi in the Pond
Ojdyn and the Bath
Adam K'Lyn
Angel on a Hill
Stealth Ojdyn
Don Enjoys a Snack
A'Loenj Mawe
Flying Hypocampus
Gerod Leguhrd
On A Grassy Knoll
Ojdyn Centaur
Window Vision
Sorcerer Snoopy
Alysin and Jiji
Lana May
Mint Chocolate Square
Lindsey and Ojdyn
Riker and Merielle
Lana the Fire Spinner
Horse at the Beach
Hair in the Wind
Araja in a Barron Wasteland
Lin and Sorsha
The Prophecy
Flying Over London
Araja Eloirajn
Northern Iadumija
Hej Yuj
CB Hugs Grendle
Ojdyn, I Choose You!
Symmetrical Ojdyn
Puffer Cat Fish
Playing with an Angel
Octopus's Garden
The Square Root of Two
First Snow
CDC Alebrije
Henna on Bamboo
Looking for character or creature art, but not finding anything matching your idea? Perhaps you're wanting something new and creative! If that is so, I would love to help! I've been a digital artist for seven years and look forward to creating new ideas!
* * *
What I can provide:
Characters, creatures, scenery, and logos (primarily) in line art. Tell me of a character you have in mind, a creature you’d like drawn, or a scenic view that you'd like captured. Whether you have a lot of details or give me room to wiggle, I'll certainly throw in my flare to create something beautiful.
* * *
What I will not do:
Any nudity, sexually explicit, or gory images. It's not to my style or taste.
* * *
What you can expect from me:
Five words that family and friends attribute to me are bubbly, passionate, imaginative, positive, and merry. Those adjectives I strive to keep at my forefront in all I do and how I interact with others. It is the kind of atmosphere I will bring to any project I take on; collaborating with you to bring about the idea you have. I expect the same mutual respect and cooperation.
* * *
Let's get started!
Take a look through the gallery and check out my prices! If my style fits your needs, don't hesitate to CONTACT ME! 
* * *
My prices are intended to be affordable. With that, I would encourage that if you love your commission to leave a tip. This tip doesn't even need to be monetary. You can tip by writing a review, sharing your commission, this website, my FaceBook page, or subscribing to my Patreon (Join the Party!).